Original size 5"x7" 2003 Lisabella Russo (formerly Lisa Isabella Russo)

original 5"x7" acrylic painting on canvas panel $44
available as a 5"x7" print $15

Shades of turqouise blue set against a darker turqouise blue; this abstract angel painting has strong brushstrokes within a limited palette. He stands rapt in contemplation.

This is a painting that I did as part of a series. I was loosely inspired by Ted DeGrazia's art.

The original painting is a 5"x7" acrylic painting on canvas panel. It is also available as a 5"x7" Open Edition giclee print and as a 2.5"x3.5" Limited Edition ACEO giclee print. The ACEO edition is limited to 25.

Shipping reflects U.S. prices only, International buyers please contact me for a quote based on your location.

Original Painting $44

Giclee Print $15

ACEO Giclee LE $10