La Perrita Roja

Original size 8"x10" 2015 Lisabella Russo (formerly Lisa Isabella Russo)

This red chow chow dog is staring upwards sweetly. She wants something, I'm not sure if it's a walk or food or to be petted, but I certainly want to give her what she wants! She's a fluffy red with golden accents. The art has a realist impressionist feel.

The original painting is sold. It is available as 8"x10" Open Edition giclee prints and as 2.5"x3.5" Limited Edition ACEO giclee prints with some cropping. The ACEO edition is limited to 25. To see the cropped version of the ACEO in advance, please email me.

Shipping reflects U.S. prices only, International buyers please contact me for a quote based on your location.

Giclee Print $17

ACEO Giclee LE $10