An Auspicious Collection

Original size 7"x5" 2013 Lisabella Russo (formerly Lisa Isabella Russo)

This still life is composed of five random things. They are a lucky cat, a pear, a cherry, a nut shell, and a ribbon. I picked the lucky cat first. The lucky cat usually sits on one of my bookshelves, but was happy to pose. I've always wanted to incorporate the little nut shell into a painting and this seemed like an opportunity. I'm not sure what kind of nut goes to the shell, I picked it up outside of my old house and liked the heart like shape in the center, I think the squirrels dropped it for me... The pear and the cherry, well, I'm afraid I will have eaten those models at some point, I picked them up at the market because they looked delicious... The ribbon was so pretty and I felt like it went with my color scheme and composition. Which brought me up to five random things... It has a soft realist quality.

The original painting is sold. It is available as a 7"x5" Open Edition giclee print and as a 3.5"x2.5" Limited Edition ACEO giclee print. The ACEO edition is limited to 25.

Shipping reflects U.S. prices only, International buyers please contact me for a quote based on your location.

Giclee Print $15

ACEO Giclee LE $10